Buddhist Book Group –April 1

The Buddhist Book Study Group will meet on Saturday, April 1st to discuss a work by Hiromichi Mukaibo called A Life Resurrected. This is a story of a man who, due to an accident in his youth, lost the use of his body from the neck down. After years of struggle, he went on to become a great teacher of Jodo Shinshu.

This book is not widely available. Contact temple office if you need help finding it. 

We will meet from 9:30-noon in the Memorial Hall Chapel. Everyone is encouraged to stay for brown bag lunch afterward.

Other titles we are interested in reading soon:

The Buddhist World of Awakening –  by T. Shigaraki
The Natural Way of Shin Buddhism – By Tabrah and Matsumoto
My Pure Land – by Hiro Sachiya
Myokonin O-Karu and her poems of Shinjin – by Hoyu Ishida

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